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Types Of Building Materials Used In Construction And Their Properties

The materials artificially manufactured and used in various construction activities are known as artificial building materials. Examples of artificial building materials are bricks, cement, steel, glass and plastics, etc. There are different types of materials you can use to build a house. The above mentioned are strong, versatile, resistant and high-quality materials that construction often uses. Before using material to build your home, it is important to be aware of the pros and cons so you know what to expect. Masonry is usually more expensive compared to wood, steel and concrete.

This requires power to transport the load and also durability to withstand contact with the surrounding ground. Wood construction has been the main source of construction for many rural houses. Wood has a high tensile strength, is lightweight and can support itself. Wood is also resistant to electricity, making them more stable and safer. They also absorb sound, making it a great material for city life and workspace. In addition, wood provides a fresh aroma and aesthetic appearance that can increase your real estate value.

However, by being creative with the types of materials you choose, you can opt for cheap building materials that help reduce the cost of your new home. Today, PVC becomes famous because PVC offers a wide range of advantages over other building materials. However, they cannot be used in places where the temperature is very high (50 ° C and above). Steel, a Infrastructure concrete Supplies carbon alloy, is equally strong in compression and tension. In most reinforced structures, steel is used as round or flat bars to withstand tensile stress on the structure, which can work through different load combinations. The stone is durable and impressive, but also difficult to remove and difficult to move, and has limitations of tension and stress.

These are building materials that are manufactured by connecting wood particles, fibers, strands or veneer to form a composite material. One builds a house with straw, another with sticks and another takes the time to build it with bricks. Bamboo: Bamboo is undoubtedly one of the first man-made building and building materials. Although this material is not widely used in urban construction, you can still see it in the countryside.

Bamboo is a perfect green building material that is very popular in India because of its durability and low costs. Concrete, as in cement, brings the same range of advantages and disadvantages. They are sustainable building materials and have become the basis of bridges, roads, reservoirs, dams, Indian parking structures and everything that is big. Long, dark and dramatic, you would never think that the upholstery of this house is made of plastic. Although plastic is increasingly used for outdoor building materials, such as composite roofs, it has not been found so often in the construction of real homes. The small movement of the house has led to greater interest in sea containers as one of the cheap houses to build.