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How To Stay Safe When Buying Black Friday Online

I recently wrote a story for The Toronto Sun about how I got addicted to apps like VarageSale that allow you to buy and sell used items from your phone. If credit card payment is not an option, ask C.O.D. and make payment by check or money order, which is easier to track than cash. Always make sure that a website is secure before providing financial information, such as a credit card or bank account number. Secure websites use encryption to encrypt your information while it is being sent over the internet. If you don’t know a product or the company that sells it, look before you buy it. Search online for the name of the product or company, more “complaint” or “scam” to see what other people are saying.

Please note that stores may not allow returns for “final sales” or “close” items. Make sure you receive gift certificates so that the recipient can return or change the item if necessary. If you generally shop online or have done these holidays, it is also a good idea to sign up for your bank or online credit card statement.

When it comes to gift cards, stick to the font when you buy one; Scammers like to auction gift cards in places like eBay with little or no background. There are many “switches” of gift cards that are a great idea: let him exchange the cards he doesn’t want for the cards he makes, but he can’t trust everyone to use that service. You can get a map and find that it has already been used.

This way, if the card is compromised, you can close it quickly without affecting any other type of transaction. If you shop online while using a wireless network, it must be encrypted so that someone who lurks outdoors cannot collect your information. Avoid financial transactions when using a public network, as you may not know if you are engaged. Using medicines glo carts for sale or supplements from unknown or unreliable sources can be risky because you are not sure what you are consuming. Do not buy from online sellers you don’t know or those who find it difficult to find evidence that your products come from established suppliers or manufacturers. Finding an established and reliable source or seller of health products is crucial.

According to Callas, you need to search several things before entering your credit or debit card details on a website. Just see this tip as proof that the item you are considering buying really exists and is in good condition. If the potential seller cannot take a photo or information or flatly refuse, it may be best to switch to greener pastures. Some online auction houses only act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers during the bidding process and are not involved in organizing shipping and payment. Where possible, consider paying with a credit card, which provides additional protection in the event of a dispute.

Here are some Gumtree tips on scams to take care of, shop safely and sell safely. Panda Security specializes in developing endpoint security products and is part of WatchGuard’s portfolio of IT security solutions. Initially focused on the development of antivirus software, the company has expanded its industry to advanced cybersecurity services with technology to prevent cybercrime. Or use online services such as PayPal so that scammers cannot get your bank details. You won’t see this symbol on every page of an online store, which is fine, not all pages really need this extra layer of security.

It is not worth compromising your personal safety. Here are some safety tips for buying and selling online. While you can still see me browsing my favorite vintage stores or looking for sales nearby, many of my used purchases have been moved online.