Mango cake, which has delicious and fragrant taste, is not only easy to make but also attractive.


– 2 ripe mangoes
– 60gram sugar; 100gram cornstarch
– 150ml water; 1 a little salt; 1 lemon.


Step 1: Peel and cut into small pieces of the mangoes and then put into blender machine until pureed

Step 2: Mix mangoes with sugar and salt and then start to boil this mixture

Step 3: Next, Simmer the mango mixture before boiling. Blend corn starch with cold water and then slowly pour into the pot of mango.

Step 4: Just pour just stir well to avoid lumps and stirring until the mixture becomes smooth and lustrous. Add lemon juice and continue to stir about 5 minutes before turning off.

Step 5: Pour mango mixture into lined boxes of available cling wrap or butter to prevent sticking. Wait for completely cool and cut mango into small pieces.

Take mango cake into dishes and let’s enjoy!

Wishing you succeed in mango cake recipe!…

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