A Shot of Espresso and hot water or in a filter machine

Americano is slowly and surely gripping coffee lovers across the world. Presently, two different types of Americano are doing the rounds across the cafes around the world. One of them is the regular espresso shot diluted with water while the other one involves the use of filters as in case of drip coffee.

However, one thing people should keep in mind that the espresso shot Americano is sweeter as compared to filtered coffee and has less caffeine as compared to it. Although the quality of the Americano depends upon the best Nespresso machines one use to make them. Let us take a good look at how both types of Americano are made and which is more beneficial for us. You can also opt for some popular Keurig models such as Keurig K55 Single Serve for home espresso purpose.


Steps to Prepare Espresso Shot Americano

The basic principle involving the first type of the Americano is blending an espresso shot along with hot water. You can follow the below mentioned steps to make an espresso shot Americano. You can check out the best Nespresso machines if you want to enjoy a great cup of Espresso shot Americano from the comfort of your homes.

  1. Grind about a one and a half tablespoons of fine ground espresso beans. These beans are finer than drip coffee beans.
  2. Next up, steam up a good amount of water to pass through the espresso beans.
  3. Tamp the espresso beans by spreading it evenly on the grounds using an attachment of the espresso machine or by using the bottom side of a regular spoon.
  4. Finally place the espresso ground beans in the Porte filter.
  5. Secure the Porte filter to the Nespresso machine and press on the switch to start the machine.
  6. Set the temperature and other settings and let the Nespresso machine do it magic.
  7. Place a cup under the tap on the machine to collect your cup of Espresso shot Americano.
  8. Enjoy your hot cup of Americano in the taste you want it.

Filter Coffee Americano

The filter coffee usually requires a filter brewing machine to provide you with your Americano shot. Unlike espresso shot Americano, the filter type machines do not require pressure to be exerted on the beans. All the work is done by the gravity. Instead of using boiling water as in case of espressos, we just use normal hot water and allow it to pass through a filter filled with ground coffee beans. If you need an espresso machine for home use, you can check out this list recommended by CoffeeDX

The flavor extracted is captured in a vacuum flask or glass pot. It is recommended to use 60 grams of coffee bean extraction for every 1.5 liter of hot water passed through it to get the perfect taste for your cup of Americano. Although, you can use more or less coffee beans according to the taste of coffee you want.

Adding more coffee beans will increase the strength of the Americano while doing the reverse can decrease the strength.

Better of the two?

The differences between the two types of Americano are huge. While the filtered coffee uses single origin coffees for producing your drink, the espresso shot makes use of coffee beans and blend it with boiling water. The blending of the beans allows the espresso shot to extract more flavors from the beans.

Filter coffees differ from espresso shot because they are able to provide a wider range of flavors and have more depth. You don’t have to dilute the espresso shot with large quantity of water.

The Last Words

The choice of going for a Filter Machine Americano or an espresso shot Americano depends upon the taste and the requirements of person. However, if you are looking for a cup of Americano that has a heavier strength, it would be best advised if you choose the filter machine one. You can look out for the best Nespresso machines available in the market if you want the perfect cup of Americano.