More about me


Whenever one hears the word financial advisor, they think about an experienced educated expert who will assist a person in making the right decisions with regard to investment. However, it is not entirely true. Financial advisors like me will help people with many other varieties of financial goals.

What can I do to help you with financial matters

Debt management –Debt will complicate one’s finances seriously and prevent you from making any progress towards achieving the long-term goals. I can assist you to be debt-free and show you the benefits of it. For instance, I can show you how to save for children’s education, retirement or a new home. However before I could assist you with a long-term comprehensive financial plan, I will have to tackle all the debt you have. It is best if you could stop paying all the past debts in order to plan for the future.

Long-term care planning- I can advise you about the options available in terms of long-term care insurance. You just have to choose which plan suits your needs and which one is affordable for you.

Budgeting- People need someone to keep reminding about the big picture. I can help you to understand the actions which you need to undertake to achieve the long-term financial goals. You need to start budgeting for the goals which you have set for the future and to make all your dreams turn into reality.

Retirement- What do you wish to do after retirement? Do you prefer to travel? Visit your grandchildren? Start some business on your own? No matter what you wish to do, you require a steady stream of income to take you through those retired years. I can help you not only with building wealth but also help you to protect it for a long period of time. I can estimate the future financial requirements and also helps to strategize ways in which the retirement savings will be kept protected.

Inheritance – If at all you are expecting an inheritance in the future, you will be wondering about the tax implications with regard to the inheritance. I can help you to ensure that blessing will not turn into a burden. I will help you to tackle the projected taxes and to adjust it to your financial goals. I will help you out with the practical steps to be taken during the time you inherit the fortune.