Home Needs For The Salaried

Anyone excited about naming their nest with their label will be for a bit of confusion initially while approaching a home loan lender. What type of loan your application come under and what will the change in terms and conditions depending on your eligibility and so on may be roaming in your thoughts. Bid adieu to all those confusions for you can directly bank upon us if you are employed. We are specialized bankers providing home loans only to the salaried employees, both in public and private sectors.

We make the journey to your home the smoothest by:

Home service including preliminary loan inquiry, application submission, document verification, legal and technical formalities and cheque disbursement.

Twin loans: You can avail home loan for an already constructed property or purchase a residential property for the construction of a home. The loan in the latter category will be considered as a property loan initially with the same rate of interest as the home loan. There are no conversion charges either and no fresh application is required. Once your plan gets approved, you have to submit the same to us and any other requirements you would like to include in the transaction process. The loan automatically gets converted into a full home loan.

Flexible loans: You can always change your EMI schedules, the tenure of the loan, and principal top-ups by a single authentic application. The bank does not levy any extra charges for utilizing the flexible nature of your loan.

Free processing charges: For government employees, we do not levy any processing charges for applications submitted any time throughout the year. For applicants working in the private sector, the offer will be valid for a fixed time period every year and will be notified through our official website.

Joint legal and technical counseling: Right from the start of the application process, we entitle one of our representatives to make you informed and updated about the advises and look-outs regarding the legal and technical features of your property. You can also request a one-to-one meeting with the experts without paying any extra fees. Your big step of owing the dream house should take you into your family heaven and we ensure that your decision is right in all aspects.

Multiple repayment options: We offer three types of repayment options for our customers:

  1. Regular scheme: All is well in this traditional type of one EMI of fixed amount throughout the pre-decided tenure.
  2. Top-up scheme: You salary may be exponentially high next year and you are in financial crunch currently. Pay reduced installments for the current year, and increase your installments with the increase in your income.
  3. Pre-payment scheme: Want to close your loan early? Opt for pre-payments without any penalties.