You can have an attractive dessert made of cream cheese for your mother in 8/3 occasion by a few simple steps.


– 200gram cream cheese
– 200gram yogurt
– 100 ml whipping cream
– 20gram cocoa powder
– 80 ml milk without sugar
– 8gram gelatin (or 5 small leaves)
– 90gram sugar


Step 1: Gelatin is soaked in cold water for 15 minutesCocoa cheesecake in heart shape

Step 2: Beat cream cheese with sugar until melting, then add whipping cream and beat continuously within 2 minutes. Pour yogurt into the mixture and stir until smooth, divide into 2 parts: 4 and 6

Step 3: Put cocoa powder into part 4 and stir

Step 4: Dissolve 40 ml warm milk with gelatin and then pour into cocoa cream as step 3.

Finally pour mixture into mold to cool in the fridge for 1 hour stop in order to freeze ice cream slightly.
As part of cocoa cream is slightly freeze, dissolve the remaining milk with gelatin leaves and then pour into the remaining white scream bowl. Mix and pour mixture on top cocoa cake grade, continue to let the cake in cool fridge for a few hours before taking out of the mold.

Step 5: Dust with unsweetened cocoa powder after taking out of the bold
Wishing you succeed in the cocoa cheesecake in heart shape for mommy!…

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