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The Coffee grinders are among one of the most important parts of an espresso machine. They are widely used to grind the coffee grounds during the brewing process. The coffee beans you use in the espresso machines are ground and need to be grinded before they could be used.

This is where a coffee grinder is widely used. It exposes the coffee grounds to hot water for a sustained period of time. To provide you with a high-quality coffee drink, the beans are to be grinded uniformly.

Coffee Grinders are available in the market in a number of different shapes, sizes and price ranges. Most of the best home espresso machine uses expensive coffee grinder while cheaper espresso machine can also do with the cheaper grinders. However, the overall price ranger of the grinders depends upon the following reasons:

Consistency of the Coffee Grinds

It is very important to achieve a uniform distribution of the size of ground particle to get a delicious coffee drink. The uniform distribution allows optimum extraction of flavors from the beans at TDS Levels which was not possible in earlier stages. The other fact is, single serve coffee maker can help you reduce the cost per coffee by 50 cents.

Daily Usage

Most of the cheap coffee grinders are overheated very easily. Additionally, most of the time grinds are usually stuck to the grinders and have to be removed manually. This increases the overall brewing process time. If you need to grind a large quantity of coffee ground every day, it is better to choose an expensive model which won’t heat as much as the cheaper alternatives. The best espresso machines list by coffeemakers advisor is here.


You expect the things you purchase to last a foreseeable future before replacements. You might buy some of the best home espresso machine for your daily usage but cheaper grinders on the machine can deteriorate the performance and the longevity of both the grinder and the espresso maker as a whole. The expensive coffee grinders are stronger and more durable as compared to the cheaper ones.


One major reason why coffee grinders are expensive is its efficiency. Most of the expensive grinders provide you with close to an 100% efficiency. It means that you are grinding as much coffee grounds as you are putting in and none of it is clogged or waster in the grinding process.

Capacity of the Grinder

The capacity of the grinder that is the amount of coffee grounds it can grind at a single instant majorly decide the price of the coffee grinder. The cheaper grinders usually have a smaller capacity than that of an expensive one.

Noise of Operation

If you want a product that feels brilliant and unique, then you would have to pay handsomely for that. The cheaper Coffee grinders are not so durable and made out of poor build quality materials. In some cases, they even tend to make operational noise. The expensive ones, however, are made out of high-quality materials and don’t produce operational noise even after continuous use for long periods of time.

Besides the above mentioned reasons, a couple of more reasons such as the brand and manufacturer of the grinder, marketing of the product, supply and demand of the product in the market effect the price of a coffee grinder.

The Last Words

Coffee grinders are an important cog in the giant espresso maker wheel. For you to enjoy the perfect taste and aroma of a high-quality cup of coffee, you would want each part of your best home espresso machineto work properly. The uniformity in the grindness of coffee ground is essential for the coffee to taste good which is only possible through high-end coffee grinders.…

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There are many types of coffee making machines and one of the most popular among those is the drip coffee machines. They can make delicious coffee and other kind of beverages in an instant and you will love to have them in your home. If you are looking for some amazing drip coffee machines for home use, we have listed down the best among the lot. Since there are so many options available, you can get confused and it can get difficult for you to choose the best one. Go through the below list which also has some of the best single serve coffee makers you can find.

Bonavita BV1900TS

If you are looking for an easy to use coffee maker with hordes of great features, this machine from Bonavita has to be it. You can get a cup of coffee with just one touch and you will be completely amazed at how delicious it tastes. It also comes with a stainless steel carafe which will ensure that your coffee will stay warm even after a certain amount of time.

Moccamaster KB 741

There are many who brew coffee in the morning and drink it for a long time after then. For such coffee lovers, this machine is perfect. It comes with a copper heating element which makes sure that your coffee is hot long after you have made it. The Moccamaster is also listed at various places for giving out the tastiest cup of coffee by keeping the rich aroma of the beans intact. You can also get it if you are looking for the best single serve coffee makers. You can check out this best recommended keurig coffee makers if you prefer keurig brand.

BUNN BXB Velocity Brew 10 Cup Coffee Brewer

Many people love making coffee but they don’t want to be involved in all the complicated process that is required for making it. For such people, the BUNN BXB is the best coffee machine out there because it is extremely simple to use. Even if you are someone who doesn’t uses much technological devices, you can easily brew a cup of coffee without much effort.

Cuisinart DCC-1200

Although this looks like an old fashion machine but when you have a look at its features, you will be amazed at how modern it looks. It comprises of the most up to date brewing technology and moreover, the machine is widely regarded as one of the best drip coffee machines, especially for households where the requirement is relatively less.

Brew Express BEC-110BS

If you have a large family and constantly worried about the number of times that you have to refill this machine, you must definitely get the Brew Express for your home. It has a large reservoir tank which ensures that once you fill the tank, you are good for many cups of coffee.

Capresso MT600

The Capresso MT600 comes with a charcoal water filter which is great for all those who don’t have access to clean water. This feature can also help in enhancing the taste of the coffee as it will filter the water completely. The stainless steel carafe is capable of holding around 10 cups of coffee which is simply great for large families.

The Last Words

The coffee makers which are listed above are among the best drip coffee machines which you can buy for your home use. They are convenient, easy to use and clean, come with extra ordinary features and are economical as well. Some of them are also listed among the best single serve coffee makers so if you wish to buy those, you can do so.


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A Shot of Espresso and hot water or in a filter machine

Americano is slowly and surely gripping coffee lovers across the world. Presently, two different types of Americano are doing the rounds across the cafes around the world. One of them is the regular espresso shot diluted with water while the other one involves the use of filters as in case of drip coffee.

However, one thing people should keep in mind that the espresso shot Americano is sweeter as compared to filtered coffee and has less caffeine as compared to it. Although the quality of the Americano depends upon the best Nespresso machines one use to make them. Let us take a good look at how both types of Americano are made and which is more beneficial for us. You can also opt for some popular Keurig models such as Keurig K55 Single Serve for home espresso purpose.


Steps to Prepare Espresso Shot Americano

The basic principle involving the first type of the Americano is blending an espresso shot along with hot water. You can follow the below mentioned steps to make an espresso shot Americano. You can check out the best Nespresso machines if you want to enjoy a great cup of Espresso shot Americano from the comfort of your homes.

  1. Grind about a one and a half tablespoons of fine ground espresso beans. These beans are finer than drip coffee beans.
  2. Next up, steam up a good amount of water to pass through the espresso beans.
  3. Tamp the espresso beans by spreading it evenly on the grounds using an attachment of the espresso machine or by using the bottom side of a regular spoon.
  4. Finally place the espresso ground beans in the Porte filter.
  5. Secure the Porte filter to the Nespresso machine and press on the switch to start the machine.
  6. Set the temperature and other settings and let the Nespresso machine do it magic.
  7. Place a cup under the tap on the machine to collect your cup of Espresso shot Americano.
  8. Enjoy your hot cup of Americano in the taste you want it.

Filter Coffee Americano

The filter coffee usually requires a filter brewing machine to provide you with your Americano shot. Unlike espresso shot Americano, the filter type machines do not require pressure to be exerted on the beans. All the work is done by the gravity. Instead of using boiling water as in case of espressos, we just use normal hot water and allow it to pass through a filter filled with ground coffee beans. If you need an espresso machine for home use, you can check out this list recommended by CoffeeDX

The flavor extracted is captured in a vacuum flask or glass pot. It is recommended to use 60 grams of coffee bean extraction for every 1.5 liter of hot water passed through it to get the perfect taste for your cup of Americano. Although, you can use more or less coffee beans according to the taste of coffee you want.

Adding more coffee beans will increase the strength of the Americano while doing the reverse can decrease the strength.

Better of the two?

The differences between the two types of Americano are huge. While the filtered coffee uses single origin coffees for producing your drink, the espresso shot makes use of coffee beans and blend it with boiling water. The blending of the beans allows the espresso shot to extract more flavors from the beans.

Filter coffees differ from espresso shot because they are able to provide a wider range of flavors and have more depth. You don’t have to dilute the espresso shot with large quantity of water.

The Last Words

The choice of going for a Filter Machine Americano or an espresso shot Americano depends upon the taste and the requirements of person. However, if you are looking for a cup of Americano that has a heavier strength, it would be best advised if you choose the filter machine one. You can look out for the best Nespresso machines available in the market if you want the perfect cup of Americano.…

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Are you a person who loves coffee and wants to enjoy a cup of coffee made by yourself? If yes, you can choose a coffee maker suitable for your needs and use it to make coffee based on your favorite taste. However, how can you use it safely and effectively? Here are some suggestions you can consult.

Choose the best suitable coffee maker for yourself

Choosing a suitable coffee maker which is suitable for you is really important and necessary because this will help you make wonderful and tasty coffee safely and effectively. You can have a look at the websites or the blogs that provide the coffee makers and look for one for you. I suggest you should visit the list of the best Keurig coffee maker to see first because this can help you find the true coffee maker the most quickly as well as see the reviews or the comments that the consumers or experts left or reviewed. It will help you save much time to choose the best machine to make coffee.

Use the coffee maker as instructed

Following the instructions when you use a machine is compulsory if you want to be safe with your machine. Therefore, when using this machine, you have to read the instructions first then make coffee as instructed. This not only helps you to make savory coffee safely but also keep your coffee machine work effectively in a long time. Here is some advice you should follow:

–         Use the coffee maker to boil the water with the suitable amount

–         Use the conformable and stable power source

–         Use the pure coffee beans which do not contain butter or the others

–         Use the pure water to make coffee, too

–         Keep away from the children

–         Keep an appropriate distance to avoid being burnt

–         Do not leave coffee beans in the machine not to break the machine because of the wet coffee beans

Clean the coffee maker frequently

To use the coffee maker effectively, cleaning it regularly is an indispensable work. Sometimes, we use the water or the coffee beans which are impure, so they can make the dregs in the machine, which affects the taste of the coffee as well as the productivity of the machine.

The tap to stir milk

The first thing is the tap to stir the milk in the coffee machine. You should clean it after each time you use it because the left milk in the tap can ferment and you have to use it in the next time you make coffee if you do not clean the tap.

The pressing mortar

The next thing which needs cleaning every day is the pressing mortar. As you know, if the pressing mortar of the coffee maker is not cleaned, the dregs will be maintained and can affect the machine’s productivity as well as the quality of the coffee, then make health problems for the users.

The water heater

After being used for a long time, the dregs can be stagnated in the water heater of the coffee maker and can break the machine. Therefore, you should clean it at least once a year to keep the best status of the machine.

In conclusion, to use the coffee maker safely and effectively, you should follow the instructions the producers give as well as use it appropriately so that you can enjoy wonderful coffee made by yourself with your favorite taste.…

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Your mommy certainly loves this attractive kind of tart cake (made from apple and lemon).

Apple is an attractive fruit not only in superficial red attraction, but also by crispy, fresh taste from within. Cake is made from apple that also brings equally delicious taste. In 8/3 occasion, should you do donate your beloved mother a tart cake made from apple lemon! Moreover, apple and lemon tart cake recipe is not too hard.

Cover of cake: 85 gram plain flour, 50 gram insipid cheese, a little of salt and 15ml water.

Filling of cake:

– 125gram condensed milk
– 1 and half of lemon for original juice
– 1 egg


Step 1: 2 apples which is removed its cores, sliced, marinated with a spoon of rum (or brandy), 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder, 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar and then stir them lightly to combine.

Step 2: Mix the cake cover mixture and refrigerate for at least 15 minutes. Next, this is flat-rolled and pressed into the tart mold.

Step 3: Use chopsticks to poke pins into the holes on the surface of the cake and place in oven for 10 minutes with a temperature of 180 degrees.

Step 4: Stir around the mixture of condensed milk, eggs, lemon juice before pouring over baked cake.

Step 5: Arrange apples infused wine, cinnamon powder, sugar within 30 minutes by staggered shaped slices for beautiful flowers. After that, sprinkle with a little cinnamon powder and granulated sugar on the surface and place in the oven in 20 minutes before the bread is browned.

Cut a piece of sweet apple tart and enjoy with your mommy and the whole family which is really fun and cozy. Mother would certainly feel very moved!

Wishing you succeed in the lemon and apple tart cake recipe!…

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You can have an attractive dessert made of cream cheese for your mother in 8/3 occasion by a few simple steps.


– 200gram cream cheese
– 200gram yogurt
– 100 ml whipping cream
– 20gram cocoa powder
– 80 ml milk without sugar
– 8gram gelatin (or 5 small leaves)
– 90gram sugar


Step 1: Gelatin is soaked in cold water for 15 minutesCocoa cheesecake in heart shape

Step 2: Beat cream cheese with sugar until melting, then add whipping cream and beat continuously within 2 minutes. Pour yogurt into the mixture and stir until smooth, divide into 2 parts: 4 and 6

Step 3: Put cocoa powder into part 4 and stir

Step 4: Dissolve 40 ml warm milk with gelatin and then pour into cocoa cream as step 3.

Finally pour mixture into mold to cool in the fridge for 1 hour stop in order to freeze ice cream slightly.
As part of cocoa cream is slightly freeze, dissolve the remaining milk with gelatin leaves and then pour into the remaining white scream bowl. Mix and pour mixture on top cocoa cake grade, continue to let the cake in cool fridge for a few hours before taking out of the mold.

Step 5: Dust with unsweetened cocoa powder after taking out of the bold
Wishing you succeed in the cocoa cheesecake in heart shape for mommy!…

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Refrigerator does not provide enough ice cubes and the need for a lot of ice is also increased, so if you tend to consider buying a mini icemaker, a durable machine and a proper use are very important.

High speed mini Icemaker: DIY cool and clean ice cubes

In order to meet the cooling needs of consumers in summer day with clean ices to use, manufacturers have launched many kinds of household icemakers with neater and more eye-catching designs. Machines with various capacity are suitable for home, bar, Club, shop …

This product can make ice with a faster speed (only takes about 8-10 minutes), run smoothly and be manipulate easily. You initially take and pour clean water into the container body to make ice, then choose ice mode on the machine’s display to easily make ice cubes.

There are various kind of icemaker products such as Greentecco (over 3 million), CF GRGF (3.2 million), Yutong YT-E-001B (2.8 million), Nonan (3.1 million) … with different volumes for many or less ice cubes respectively. In this year, a number of convenient machine having automatic warning mode on out of the water or full of ice cubes.

According to Mr. T.M (an employee of household electrical shop on Nguyen Ngoc Vu – Cau Giay), “this machine saves electricity, 5kg of ices only take approximately 1-2 thousand for electricity, it is so convenient because refrigerator sometimes does not provide enough clean ices for the whole family to use, especially when there are some guests to visit.”

Buying a mini icemaker – what have to consider?

Before buying this product, you need to consider the amount of ices that you often use in order to select the appropriate volume machines (machine with the capacity from 15 – 18l will produce 5kg ices).

Machines need to be cleaned to ensure healthy and having clean ices for family to use, so you should buy swappable, easy clean for the ice tray and water tank.

In addition, you also should pay attention to the size of the machine (small machines usually have dimensions of 340 x 415 x 345 (mm)), it should be lightweight without occupying much space and convenient for moving and installation.

In case of shopping, you should choose products of reputable manufacturers having warranty mechanisms. At the same time, you can try icemaker by testing the size and the “old” of pure ice cube to avoid buying poor quality machines which ice cubes are too small to quickly melt.

In order to avoid ice cubes being opaque, non-transparent, or unpleasant odors, it is ensured to supply clean water, the water tank of the ice machine is bactericidal and easily cleaned.

Consumers “say” About mini icemakers

When asked about this product, Ms. Thanh Huyen (the accountant) said: “I quite like icemaker, I also want to buy for making smoothies, juices … in summer. The only thing my friends advised me to consider before buying is that pure ices from ice maker are quite too small and thin to melting into water”

Ms. Nhu Huyen (Hang Bo – Hanoi) said: “I used Greentecco’s machine which makes ice cubes very quickly. However, this machine is also quite inconvenient because tray is not much large so it is very quickly filled, so you should buy at least 18 liters or more kinds of icemakers for comfortable using”.

Ms. Thanh Minh (banking staff) said: “I used Nonan’s machine, its pure ice cubes are very strong. The only thing is that time for making ices is not very fast, and after a long time using, machine is becoming noise and having light vibration”.

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Mango cake, which has delicious and fragrant taste, is not only easy to make but also attractive.


– 2 ripe mangoes
– 60gram sugar; 100gram cornstarch
– 150ml water; 1 a little salt; 1 lemon.


Step 1: Peel and cut into small pieces of the mangoes and then put into blender machine until pureed

Step 2: Mix mangoes with sugar and salt and then start to boil this mixture

Step 3: Next, Simmer the mango mixture before boiling. Blend corn starch with cold water and then slowly pour into the pot of mango.

Step 4: Just pour just stir well to avoid lumps and stirring until the mixture becomes smooth and lustrous. Add lemon juice and continue to stir about 5 minutes before turning off.

Step 5: Pour mango mixture into lined boxes of available cling wrap or butter to prevent sticking. Wait for completely cool and cut mango into small pieces.

Take mango cake into dishes and let’s enjoy!

Wishing you succeed in mango cake recipe!…

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