We are focused on building our brands.

Hall of Fame Beverages Inc. is an innovative beverage company growing its footprint in an industry rife with ordinary drinks. We are home to our signature brand Grand Ma Ma’s Sweet Southern Tea.

The tea is complemented nicely by our signature desserts, also branded under the Grand Ma Ma name, Grand Ma Ma’s Gourmet Southern Desserts.

Hall of Fame Beverages’ signature Grand Ma Ma product line is inspired and marketed by former NBA star Larry Johnson who famously dressed up as his basketball playing Grand Ma Ma in Converse shoe commercials in the 1990’s. It was a natural segue from basketball to sweet tea, as his Grand Ma Ma often poured him a cold glass of iced tea to cool Larry off in the stifling, Texas heat while sitting on his Grand Ma Ma’s front porch. Our tea is made with that same flavor and thirst quenching chill in mind, and our drive to build this brand is with the same competitive spirit Larry Johnson’s exhibited in the NBA.

We will expand our footprint in this industry with aggressive sales and by forming lasting partnerships and business relationships. We will work tirelessly to see that our products make it to the shelves of grocery stores, convenient stores and even served in your favorite restaurants across America.

We are forging a promising future and partnering with many great and hard working distributors, producers and businesses in all parts of the country. Hall of Fame Beverages is laying the groundwork for an impressive footprint.

We know it will take continued hard work to break into markets state by state, and we feel we’re positioned currently to build our brands, greatly expand growth and bring real value to Hall of Fame Beverages!